Bicycle Rentals

NEW: Fatbikes from Framed

We are super excited to announce that we are now renting FAT bikes by Framed. The perfect winter, beach and awesomely fun mtn bike.

$12.50 / hour or $75.00 for 24 hour period.

Please note, if you take them to the beach, we must charge an additional $25.00 for thorough cleaning.

Only 3 available ..1 in each size, small-large so call to reserve yours.

Race Bikes

Whether you're doing your first century or your first tri-athalon, the Jamis Ventura Race bike will get you there with minimal effort.

$12.50 per hour or $75.00 for 24 hours

Mountain bikes

Want to tear it up off road at one of our many local trails? The Kona Precept can handle whatever you can throw down. Five inches of travel, front and rear, will help you land it safely.

$12.50 per hour or $75.00 for 24 hours

Comfort Bikes

Want to escape the ho-hum reality for awhile and take a leisurely ride through quiet towns or a bike path along the water or through the woods? This Giant Sedona will get you there in comfort and style. It is fully loaded with a comfortable gel seat and shock seatpost as well as shocks in the front and raised handlebars. It doesn't get more comfortable than this.

$12.50 per hour or $75.00 for 24 hours