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Basic Tune-Up


Recomended every 6 months. Perfect for the occasional rider or for a bike that has been sitting in the garage a while.

 *Cost of parts not included*

  • F&R Brakes Adjusted
  • F&R Gears Adjusted
  • Minor Wheel Truing
  • Chain Lubricated
  • Headset & Bottom Bracket Bearings Adjusted
  • Tire Pressure checked
  • Basic Bike Wipe down

Peak Tune-up


Recomended annuually. Perfect for the more frequent rider or for bikes ridden in less than ideal terrain or weather. Also for bikes that have been sitting for a long period of time

*Cost of parts not included*

Everything included from basic tune-up with the addition of:

All new Cables and housings installed

Major Wheel Truing

Deraileur Hanger Alignment

Thorough cleaning of assembled Bike 

Bearings Adjusted



For those riders who really Recomended for the Hardcore riders who put their bikes to the test on a regular basis.

*Cost of parts not included*

All Level Tune-ups combined except:

 ALL Parts are removed

Thoroughly scrubbed clean

Re lubed

Each part carefully inspected for wear.