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Why choose us?

Peak Mountain BikePeak Bicycle Pro Shop

42-42 235th Street Douglaston, NY 11363      718.225.5119

Our passion for cycling led us to open Peak Bicycle Pro Shop in 1998 and it is that same passion that fills the atmosphere at the shop.

While discussing the latest features of the newest models we sell, customers also trade stories of their most recent epic ride while their lifetime free adjustments are completed. It's the vibe of the shop that welcomes new customers to talk up bikes and rides with the friendly long standing customers who are eager to fill you in on what this shop is all about.

Customer service is top priority with our skilled mechanics and knowledgeable staff. Not only do we sell a wide variety of mountain, road and hybrid bicycles for the novice to the expert cyclist, we also offer several levels of tune-ups and specialize in complete restoration of classic models. Your favorite old school ride can feel like new without the added pressure of a hard sell. Or we can work with you to custom build the bike of your dreams starting from the frame on up.

You'll also find a full range of quality-brand cycling clothing, accessories, helmets, components, car racks, protective gear, nutritional supplements, tools, etc., here at Peak.

Our entire staff consists of several species of riders from podium scoring road racers and mountain bike racers to downhill riders, cross-country and century riders. "Because We Ride! That's Why." is not only our slogan, it is who we are. Check out our Peak "family" epic rides photos.

The Peak Difference
Free adjustments for life!

Free! You don't get that anywhere else but at Peak. With every new bike purchased, you'll receive lifetime free adjustments! Yes, lifetime! And free! Not just once or for a year, but for life!

That means any adjustment to your brakes, gears, stem, handlebars, seatpost, tire pressure shock and fork air pressure. If you hear a creak or if your chain skipped or if the bike was dropped or if (dare we say it) there was a crash. If your kid grew since you bought the 18" but is not quite ready for the 20", we'll make all the adjustments for free. If you're just taking your bike out of the garage for the first time this year, we'll go over it to make sure it is safe, dialed in and ready to roll. Any time, as often as you like. Free.

It also means that we can bump you up to the front of the repairs line! As the proud owner of a Peak bike, we will complete the service while you wait and get you back out on your ride right away. And did we mention that it is free? Free.

Individuality - Unique, Quality, Custom Bike Brands

We sell unique, quality, custom bike brands because we believe that individuality is a quality to be admired. Custom bicycle brands are well suited for the rider to express individual style and performance expectations:

Mountain Bike Brands:                          Road Bike Brands:              

* Santa Cruz                                           * Seven                                                                   

* Kona                                                    * Kona                                                                 

* Surly                                                    * Surly 

* Jamis                                                   * Giant                                                                                                

* Salsa                                            

* Jamis

* Giant

* Salsa

If you are looking for quality workmanship and selection at every price point, Giant, the world's largest bicycle manufacturer, is our all encompassing brand for selection, performance and components.

Custom Builds

We specialize in custom builds and can offer expert advice on how to build a bike that fits your individual needs and riding style. Check out our custom builds photos to see what we've built and imagine what we can create for you.

Demo Days

We hold Bike Demo days at the local trails for many of the brands we carry. At no cost! Bring your helmet and ID and take out a carbon 29'er or plush full-suspension or test your skills with a single-speed on the actual trails. Or try them all!

Master Wheel-builder in-house

Building a wheel is a unique in-house feature at Peak and Jerry is our master wheel builder. Performance, strength, lightness, responsiveness and style are just a few of the reasons you may want custom wheels on your ride.

Jerry can assist you in choosing the hubs, rims, spokes and nipples to create your ideal wheel set. Every wheel that we build, we will true it for free, anytime.Master Wheel-Builder In-House, Jerry sitting with a wheel

Bicycle Fit System

Our mechanics have been trained in the Bicycle Fit System and are qualified to Fit you to find the appropriate bike for your specific measurements, level of fitness and riding style. A thirty minute process, the Fit System helps us determine which bicycle brands have the geometry best suited to you.

If you already own a bike, we can also use the Fit System to make adjustments to create the optimal Fit and performance on your current ride. You may need a longer/shorter reach, to lower/raise the seat or move it forward/back, raise/lower the stem. The proper Fit makes you more comfortable and can help you achieve amazing results.

Peak Bicycle Pro Shop is a proud member and sponsor of international and local cycling advocacy groups and we offer a 10% discount to all members:

* International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA)

* Concerned Long Island Mountain Bikers (C.L.I.M.B.)

* Transportation Alternatives

* Trips for Kids

We also sponsor local race teams (NYC Cranks), local cycling clubs (The Triangle Group, LIBC, The Five BBC, Trips For Kids) and conduct many group rides, both road (numerous Century rides) and mountain biking (Cunningham Park morning and night rides, Lake Minnewaska). We've participated in many of the mountain bike festivals like C.L.I.M.B.'s Fat Tire Festival and Pedro"s Fest.

Fundraising & Community Philanthropy

Peak Bikes has held fundraisers and has donated over $25,000 to C.L.I.M.B to help create and maintain the mountain bike trails at Cunningham Park since its inception in May, 2008.

We also support to the Douglaston Village Chamber of Commerce, Douglaston Historical Society, Alley Pond Striders, Memorial Day Parade, local schools and charity organizations.

Award Winning Shop

Peak Bicycle Pro Shop was awarded "Best Bike Shop in New York" by MTBR.

Because We Ride! That's Why.

It is what we do.

It is what we want you to do.

Then come by and tell us all about it. Bring your coffee or lunch. Relax in front of the wood-burning stove. Or maybe we'll be bar-b-que-ing! Or come ride with us!

Enjoy all your rides and we'll see you soon!